"[My daughter] came to Megan shy and unsure of herself, however Megan empowers her to express herself and makes her feel special.  She is unafraid to experiment with her music, and approaches each piece now with confidence.  She has learned so much more than just how to play the piano, and it has been such a joy to watch her grow in so many ways through her lessons."  - Becky


"I was thrilled with the easy-to-follow piano lesson book and also how quickly they jumped right into playing songs first, while slowly and comfortably learning the keys.  Mrs. Hauck is quick to answer my messages and offer assistance.  My girls are so excited to be learning to play the piano and their growth in one year has been rewarding and memorable."  - Michelle


"Mrs. Hauck is a wonderful teacher and very passionate about teaching.  Both my kids had a fun time learning piano with her.  Mrs. Hauck comes up with different fun techniques that keep the kids involved and interested in the lessons.  My girls definitely enjoy learning music with her."  - Chaitali

"Mrs. Hauck adjusts her lessons to suit her students.  When my son is not able to focus, Mrs. Hauck will review a 'fun' piece for him to get his wiggles out and then challenge him.  She is patient, and he has learned so much from her in just a few months."  - Amber

"Megan Hauck is an amazing piano teacher.  The patience she has with children is amazing.  Megan teaches from her heart, it not only shows through her lessons weekly, but you can clearly see it when you attend a Recital.  There is a calmness that she has with her students.  We would not hesitate to send a child to learn piano and we just signed up for our daughter next year."  - Jennifer